NEW - Verse of the Day, with Pastor Willie.

Hello everyone, we've decided to start a new blog post everyday where Pastor Willie will share a message with you! Today's is about, mean spirited or kind hearted people.

There are so many mean-spirited folks nowadays. Some times I think I'm one of them. To be mean-spirited means - 'exhibiting or characterized by meaness of spirit.' Mean-spirited people might be deliberately rude, kick another who is down, wish ill to another, crush others with nasty remarks, etc. We might say of one, "he's an egotistical, abusive man."

Most would prefer a kind-hearted person in others and themselves. To be kind-hearted means - 'having a kind and sympathetic nature.' Kind-hearted people are kind, caring and generous. They aren't deliberately rude, they help others get up, they wish only good on others, and are careful to use words that lift up others, not crush them. It could be said of a kind-hearted person, "she is a warm, generous and kind woman."

The Bible says that the mean-spirited person is controlled by the self-life devoid of God's love. (Galatians5:19-21)

On the other hand, the Bible says that the person controlled by God's Spirit who is love, produces love-fruit, including kindness. (Galatians5:22-23)

Mean-spirited or kind-hearted? The first is of the self-life; the second of the Spirit-life. I want tp walk in the Spirit and be kind.

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