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Pastor School

At Set Free Pastor School we equip all those who feel a calling to the pastorate with the doctrinal and scriptural knowledge required of those who would tend God's flock. The Holy Spirit of God is turning sinners into Pastors who in turn can minister to those who haven't yet given themselves over to God. You may call the church office to obtain more information on how you can receive an application for the Pastor's School. (909) 446- 0033.


Thrift Store

Not only does the thrift store help to offset the costs of running other ministries, but it also serves to help those in need within our community by providing clothing and miscellaneous household items to those who would have no other means of obtaining such items. The people who work in our thrift store are all volunteers from our Discipleship Program. This opportunity provides them not only with work experience but also a reference at the time in which they seek outside employment.

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Discipleship Program

The Set Free Discipleship Ministry program is here to help people distressed through life's crises. This includes, but is not limited to, drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness, and a total lack of discipline and purpose in life. On YouTube, you can search for many of these people's testimonies to see how it forever changed their lives for the better.


Food Ministry (Manna)

The food ministry is completely committed to serving and helping the lives of others. We give out food boxes to those who are in need and we can reach out and show people that they are loved and that others care for their welfare. God gets all the glory in this ministry as we are always able to provide the needs of the hungry. Those who work in our food ministry get the awesome opportunity to share Jesus and His love and at the same time get the experience needed in food handling, cooking and customer service skills. Every 3rd Tuesday of the month we give out Food Bags to the Community. Please line up at 11:30 am and bring your valid ID with you. Every Sunday you also can receive a food bag after our church service at 9:30 am. Please see one of our Ushers to get a ticket, then after the service come to the Food Trailer in the back of the parking lot.


Music  Ministry

The music ministry is an important part of our church. Through it, we are able to praise and worship the Lord, and God has the opportunity to work through the hearts of those who hear it and bring them close to Him. The musicians in our band all love the Lord and He has given them the ability to play a "Joyful noise unto the Lord". This ministry allows people to develop and refine their skills and talent.


Outreach Team

Our Outreach Team goes out and visits each weekend areas of our community to set up an event to reach this who are lost, hopeless, homeless, and in need of someone they can lean on, and that someone is Jesus Christ. We barbecue hot dogs that come with a soda. We also make snow cones and serve popcorn. We give away food bags and clothes, but the most important thing we give away is the message of love, hope, and mercy. To find out when we are in your neighborhood call the Church office. 


Set Free Screen Printing

We are now offering screen printing services for businesses and other interested parties. We have a in house print shop that is dedicated to meeting your printing needs! We specialize in design and print services that are at an affordable price. All proceeds will go directly into helping other's lives. We are a church that reaches those who need another chance at living a productive Christian life based on the love that only Christ can give. This is a great opportunity for your business, not only to get high quality printed merchandise but also a way to give to those who are in need. If you have already discussed and acquired our services you may enter the payment here as well. Thank you for your business, please call if you have any questions.


Search & Rescue Ministry

Our Search and Rescue team goes out every week looking in our community for those in need of a helping hand. Pastor Antonio goes out with socks, boxers, bags of food, clothing, and shoes. These gestures of care open up a conversation about Jesus. He brings people off the streets and back to the Church to get a shower and shelter. Set Free Discipleship Ranch is the next step where they can surrender to Jesus and get before the Lord for 30 - 60 days. Set Free doesn’t wait for people to come to Church or an outreach. They go out daily, seeking to save the lost with the Gospel and love.



Biker Tabernacle

Sinners Forgiven is a group of brothers in Jesus who love to ride motorcycles. Their purpose is to share the gospel of Jesus with others in the biker community. They go on bike runs to different events monthly. They support Biker Tabernacle which is a ministry of Set Free which occurs every Saturday at 5pm.

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